This video shows a carjacker getting pulled over by the police. The officer can be heard telling him to get out of the vehicle repeatedly. The suspect then shuts the door in an attempt to drive away. He reopens the door, and after failing to comply, the officer pulls him out of the car while tasing him. The officer had to tase him numerous times as he continued to resist.

This incident took place in Albuquerque last Wednesday. The thief ran into the parking lot at Church of Christ near Indian School and San Mateo as services were letting out and attempted to stop one vehicle, but the occupant drove off.

He then tried to stop another vehicle and carjacked the couple at knife-point.

While driving the stolen car, the suspect had a blowout. A cop was driving in the area when the man ran across eastbound I-40 and continued south on San Mateo.

A description and location were relayed and police saturated the area. Officers and detectives were quick to arrive on the scene and the carjacker was taken into custody.