Marcus Coleman was tased by a police officer in Denton, Texas after he pleaded with the officers not to use excessive force on a distraught woman who he rescued on Wednesday, July 22nd.

The officers responded to a call about a naked woman holding a baby in the parking lot of a motel. But when they arrived, the woman was under a blanket on the second floor balcony and Coleman was holding the child. The Denton Police Department claimed that the woman was in an altered state and needed medical attention, so the officer was trying to handcuff her for her safety and the safety of others.

Coleman handed the baby to a third party and then tried to plead with the officers to be more gentle with the woman while she was resisting and screaming for help. The officer told him to back up. When he didn’t, he tased him. He collapsed onto the balcony from the electric shock.

The Denton police said in a statement that Coleman ignored the officer’s orders and tried to push his way past the officer to get to the officers and female on the ground. When he tried to get past the officer, he deployed his taser, bringing him to the ground.

Coleman was later charged for interfering with public duties.