41-year-old Myeshia Hawkins-Taylor has been charged with assault, attempted murder and unlawful imprisonment for the alleged drawn-out torture of 52-year-old Carlton Adams.

He was found on January 30th after being held in an apartment for over 24 hours, when his abuser finally called 911 out of fear that he’d die.

She was arraigned Wednesday and ordered held without bail.


According to the police report, Adams was found “inside a bedroom with severe burns to his face and arms in that flesh was peeling off both. I also observed intestines protruding from (his) abdomen.”

A bloody knife was found nearby.

She’s accused of pouring boiling oil over Adams’ face and arm as he slept.

He says he awoke screaming in pain.

There were stab wounds to his arm, leg and abdomen as well.

It was around 36 hours before Ms. Hawkins-Taylor finally called for help.