25-year-old Magnus Meyer Hustveit from Ireland was arrested after he confessed to raping and assaulting his 28-year-old girlfriend 10 times over the course of one year, from 2011 to 2012. He convinced himself that the act was a victimless crime due to the fact that she was asleep when it happened.

The victim said she first became suspicious after she woke up and found herself covered in what she suspected was semen. A few weeks later, she awoke to find her boyfriend penetrating her while watching porn on his laptop near her.

After confronting him, he confessed to sexually abusing and raping her while she had been asleep in the home they shared together. Hustveit was able to have sex with her without waking her up due to the fact that she was on medication at the time.

Hustveit has since been taken to Central Criminal Court where he pleaded guilty to a count of rape and a count of sexual assault. He was then given a seven-year suspended sentence.