30-year-old Jamshaid Khan, who is originally from Pakistan, faces a possible life sentence after stabbing his wife of 15 months, Milena Yulianova, who worked at a massage parlor in Bulgaria. Yulianova was stabbed during a dispute with Khan over him talking to other women on Facebook.

The murder took place on January 28th at their home in Forest Gate, East London. Khan claimed she pulled a kitchen knife from behind her back during the dispute. He tried to grab it and they struggled. During the fight, his wife was stabbed with the blade. He said he managed to grab the knife and throw it out of reach before Milena collapsed and he ran for help.

Witnesses say they saw Khan walking in the street with blood on his hands. He stopped a passing car and told them he had just stabbed his wife. A witness came to help and told Khan to go back to the house. They tried to save Milena’s life. Police found her with stab wounds to her chest and arm. She was taken to Newham General Hospital where she died at 10:22 p.m. that night.

Khan denied murdering his wife. According to him, he stabbed her in self-defense. But prosecutor Lisa Wilding told the court that he murdered her in a rage because she had failed to assist him in his pursuit of a visa to reside in Britain. He will be sentenced at the Old Bailey on Friday, July 17th.