A married Iowa high school English teacher employed at Ankeny High School was arrested after allegedly having a sexual relationship with a student who’d only recently graduated.

27-year-old Amanda Caye Dreier and the 18-year-old former student were found in a car together on June 7th after officers responded to an unrelated call nearby.

When officers arrived, they found Ms. Dreier and the teen in the parking lot of the Prairie Ridge Sports Complex.

While authorities didn’t actually catch the duo during any sexual activity, they say “something didn’t sit right with them”.

It led to an investigation which uncovered an ongoing sexual relationship between the two.


She’s been charged with sexual exploitation by a school employee.

She’d have been in the clear if she’d simply waited 30 days after the student’s graduation…as far as the law goes, anyway.

She resigned from her job on June 12th and turned herself in to police.

She remains in the Polk County Jail on $5,000 bail.

Her charges of sexual exploitation, felonies, mean she faces a maximum five years in prison, and a fine up to $7,500.