An illegal immigrant from El Salvador faces life in prison without parole after being convicted of stabbing an acquaintance, Oscar Navarro, “at least” 89 times with a 15-inch butcher knife and tearing out his liver with his bare hands” back in December of 2014.

24-year-old Mauricio Morales-Caceres, seen above smiling in his mugshot, started by stabbing Navarro in the back before stabbing him in the face, then his head, and then his chest.

Prosecutor Douglas Wink says he then sliced through the victim’s body to tear out his liver and place it on his chest.

“The defendant took the knife and sawed,” he said. “This man reached in with his bare hands and took out his liver. He probably thought it was his heart. He ripped out his liver and left it on his chest for the police to see.”

If he ever gets out of prison, all signs point to the fact that he would likely be deported to his native El Salvador.