A Massachusetts woman became a tad upset when she wasn’t offered a pizza deal at Framingham Sub Shop & Pizza, and threw a metal sign which hit an 11-year-old girl in the face.

36-year-old Iesha Davis confessed to throwing the sign, but says she never hit the young girl.

An employee told officers that Ms. Davis had called in an order for a pizza from the parking lot, but then came in a few minutes later and demanded that chicken be added to the pizza.

The employee informed her that it would mean more money. That’s when Ms. Davis started yelling and swearing in front of several children in the establishment, and the employee told hers to stop because she was “scaring the kids”.

“Davis pointed at a pizza sign and demanded the $17.99 deal but (the employee) told her that it would be more money if she asked for chicken. At this point, Davis picked up the pizza sign and threw it, striking the girl in the face,” according to the police report.

Davis then left the restaurant, but police found her at her home and arrested her.

She’s been charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and was released $100 bail. She’s due back in court on July 15th for a pretrial hearing.

She’s also been ordered to stay away from the girl and the restaurant.

The girl who was struck by the sign was the employee’ s daughter. She received a scratch on her face, from her hairline to her eye.