Laura Browder, a mother of two children who recently moved to Houston from Chicago, was charged for leaving her two children at a mall while she was in a job interview. The mother said that she went for the job interview and brought her 6-year-old daughter and 2-year-old-son because it was too short of notice to set up childcare.

The interview was at the food court, so Browder left her children near a McDonald’s and walked over to the interview that was not more than 30 feet away. When she finished the interview, she returned to get her children and a police officer arrived on the scene to arrest her. She claims she was seeking a job to provide for her children.

Browder accepted the post that she was interviewed for. Now she is not sure if the arrest will jeopardize the position she accepted.

When news got out about her arrest, her community tried to help her and she received several other job offers. Child Protective Services said that the investigation is ongoing.