New bloody crime scene photos taken of the infamous Nicole Brown Simpson/Ron Goldman crime scene have been released for the first time in a new documentary called OJ: Made in America.


There are also more details of the scene from those who were there that night, including Mark Fuhrman.

In the documentary, Mark Fuhrman reveals how it was that he came upon the glove hidden behind a bungalow on Simpson’s property.

“I got there they had the scene very well secured. They had the entire block taped off. Front door wide open, little music playing in the background, candles are lit inside. Very violent confrontation. Rage. Two victims. Blood everywhere.” said Tom Lange of the LAPD, about when he arrived at the crime scene.


“We find a glove, it’s a left glove, and a blood trail indicating the suspect has been wounded on the left side. So we’re just getting into this when we find out that this is apparently OJ Simpson’s estranged wife,” he went on to say.

He says that changed everything.

“We have two children asleep, and a very brutal murder. Someone’s got to make a death notification to the next of kin.”


Then he called Mark Fuhrman over for some help.

“They called me over and said ‘you were at Simpson’s house once, right? We want you to take us up there,'” Fuhrman recalled.

They pulled up to the gate and rang the bell repeatedly ringing, getting no answer. Fuhrman says he decided to walk down the street, where he noticed something when he got a ways away.

“By the other gate, there’s a white Ford Bronco, and on the door handle there’s blood,” he said.


“I mean, there was enough evidence outside, we got to make sure everyone’s OK in here. We need to go in, so I jump up over the fence and I open the gate.”

There was no answer at Simpson’s home, so they went to the bungalows where they came across Kato Kaelin, who said Simpson had already left for Chicago.


He also told Fuhrman there’d been an earthquake earlier and he could feel the walls behind his bungalow pounding, so Fuhrman went and took a look behind the tiny residence, where he found a right glove matching the left glove they’d just found at the murder scene.


“At first I thought it was dog crap,” he says. “And then I shone the light on it. It’s a glove.”