A New Jersey man was approached by a Pasco Sheriff’s Deputy in a Toys-R-Us for attempting to leave the store with $300 worth of Star Wars Lego sets without paying for them. He wasn’t exactly cooperative.

Shannon Kirkley, after a brief struggle, was found to have removed the security of the intergalactic haul and put them into a toy chest that he’d purchased legally.

The store chain had actually sent out a B.O.L.O. (Be On The Lookout) warning for him because he was already suspected of pulling the same stunt at multiple other locations.

Authorities found that he was stealing them to sell them in order to fund his cocaine habit.

According to Money magazine, in fact, “Legos have been a better investment than gold since 2000.”

It’s not clear how many Lego sets he’s thought to have stolen across the nation.

As he Mr. Kirkley was arrest, cops found cocaine in his pockets. He, perhaps unsurprisingly, told them that the shorts weren’t his, but a friend’s.