A New Mexico middle school teacher has been arrested after allegations of drug trafficking and promoting prostitution.

40-year-old Anna Marie Schroth, a teacher at Mesa View Middle School has been placed on administrative leave pending the district’s investigation. She’s been teaching at the school for roughly two and a half years.

She’s facing felony charges for promoting prostitution and conspiracy to commit drug trafficking, both felonies, and for tampering with evidence; a misdemeanor.

Her charges are in connection with the arrest of 41-year-old Jordan Carter on July 15th after he was pulled over. He’d been spotted speeding through a stop light.

During that stop, Mr. Carter purportedly reached for a handgun that just happened to be sitting next to a bag in the floorboard filled with a white powder.

During a search of the vehicle, ammo and just over 11 grams of meth were found.

The vehicle he was driving was registered to Ms. Schroth.

She told investigators that she’d gotten a call from Carter from jail telling her to “clean the house,” and that she knew that that meant getting rid of the drugs and drug paraphernalia in her house. Carter lived with her.

She also confessed that she helped him package and deliver meth.

A search warrant was obtained and executed on her home, with drugs, including prescription meds, marijuana, powdered codeine, drug paraphernalia, and two guns being found.

She further admitted to posting an ad on a website for a woman referred to as “Star” for “the purpose of sex activity,” paid for the woman’s motel room, clothes, a cell phone, and that she received a cut of Star’s money from the illicit activities with her clients.

Mr. Carter remains in the San Juan County Detention Center without bond, and Ms. Schroth was released Tuesday night on a $30,000 bond.