A New Mexico woman stands accused of stabbing her husband in the chest during a fight over the tacos they’d had for dinner the night before.

Albuquerque resident Jorah Stern “freaked out,” according to a criminal complaint, when she found out there was chili powder in the taco meat used in the tacos. It turns out she’s allergic to it, and she thought it was done intentionally to bring her harm.

Her husband told cops that his friend had come over and made the dinner last week, using the ingredient as part of a seasoning in the meat, not knowing about her allergy.

The husband says she freaked out when she learned about it and “started to accuse him of trying to intentionally put chili powder in the meat to hurt her.”

“He explained to her that he was not cooking dinner and that he did not have control over what his friend made,” the complaint also read.

The husband then left the home to avoid the fight, returning the next morning.

He says his wife continuously accused him of trying to hurt her, and it led to the heated argument.

At some point, Ms. Stern got a hold of a 10-inch knife.

When he told that “if she wanted him dead, then she should just do it, she pushed the knife into his upper chest.”

She’s been charged with domestic violence and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.