A New York man was caught after his girlfriend set up a hidden camera. She set it up because her dog, a 20-pound Maltese, had started acting nervous and was starting to hide in the house.

To her horror, she found footage of her live-in boyfriend, 39-year-old Jesus Gutierrez, naked from the waist down and penetrating the dog with fingers and rubbing its genitals before forcing it to have sex with him.

She immediately confronted him and kicked him out before calling police.

He was arrested Wednesday for criminal mischief, sexual misconduct, and torturing an animal.

He confessed to sexually abusing the dog “for his own sexual enjoyment.”

He was released without bail after his arraignment Thursday.

The dog, named Princess, has some bruising but is expected to recover, her 43-year-old owner said.

Although she kicked Gutierrez out of the home, she feels sorry for him.

“To be honest, he’s not a bad guy,” she said. “He’s probably been doing this a long time, since he was little. He needs help.”