A Staten Island mother threw her newborn baby girl in the trash so fast after her birth that she didn’t ecen know its sex.

28-year-old Nausheen Rahman said the baby was alive and moving until the cut the umbilical cord.

She wasn’t given bail because her attorney didn’t even request it after prosecutors described the case as “so horrendous and reprehensible, it’s mind-blowing”.

She stuffed the baby into a trash bag so quickly that she didn’t even take the time to look at it, and just assumed it was a boy.

She’s alleged to have lied to her parents and family about being pregnant, and the family claim they were unaware.

A man believed to be the mother’s father, told a news station, “It’s a minor case anyway”.

A judge ordered her to remain behind bars until her trial for murder.

The baby had been found by officers with her thumb next to her mouth.

She was initially charged with concealment of a human corpse, but that was before the body of the dead newborn was found outside of her condo Saturday. Prosecutors upped the charge when the medical examiner confirmed the baby had been alive for a short time.

A medical examiner determined that the baby was alive and had air in its lungs before it was thrown in the trash.


Police found the newborn baby unconscious and unresponsive and emergency crews pronounced the child dead at the scene.

Ms. Rahman had gone to Staten Island University Hospital Friday evening and told staff that she was bleeding as a result of giving birth.

The hospital had no record of her birth. She explained that the baby was born at home and that she’d “disposed of it”.

After hours of questioning, she said she gave birth, but the baby had died, so she threw it away before heading to the hospital.

She’s been charged with second-degree murder and concealment of a human corpse.