A New York stepmother from Queens was convicted Friday of assault and child endangerment after horrific abuse of her then-12-year-old stepdaughter.

35-year-old Sheetal Ranot was found guilty of using a shattered metal broom handle to hit the girl, cutting the young victim’s wrist so deeply that it hit the bone. She then left her in a pool of blood.

The had child withstood torture from both Ranot and her husband Rajesh for close to two years in their home.

The pair locked the victim girl in her bedroom without food or water for extended periods of time, causing her weight to plummet to just 58 pounds.

After the three-week jury trial and subsequent conviction, she still maintains her innocence and her attorney says she’ll appeal.

She now faces up to 25 years in prison.

Her husband, Rajesh, will see his day in court at a later date. He’s been charged with assault, unlawful imprisonment, and child endangerment.

The girl has since been removed from the couple’s home.