Police in Newark, New York responded to a disturbance and found a major biter.

When officers arrived, they found 37-year-old Lindie A. Stewart being held down by a friend of hers.

Her boyfriend, Rocky Rouse, then showed up at the location after his mother told him what was going on.

He told police, “Michael was holding Lindie down on the driveway and was bleeding from his face. I went to grab Lindie to restrain her. I asked Michael what was happening and he said Lindie began biting his neck and was trying to eat his face and chin. I then watched the policeman place Michael in handcuffs and then he quickly came over to help me. While I was holding Lindie, she began biting me in the center of my chest and my armpit which caused me to experience pain and discomfort. Lindie was yelling that she loved me and she won’t let them do this to me. She also said she is taking Alice to the Moon and that she would kill. She also kept saying lol lol lol. As the policeman was putting the handcuffs on Lindie, she grabbed the policeman and attempted to bite him in his face. The policeman was able to fend off Lindie and was finally got her in handcuffs.”

She was taken to Newark Wayne Hospital for evaluation, then was arrested on two warrants for assault in the third-degree.

She’s being held on a $1000 cash bond and is due in court on May 18th.