A woman from Lagos State in Nigeria, identified only as Mama Bose, took matters into her own hands when she caught her husband cheating with her best friend, who she works with at a fish market in Oshodi.

According to sources, both women were at the Oshodi market selling fish. Then the friend got a call and asked Bose to watch her fish for her while she went to attend an emergency. However, it turned out that the apparent emergency was to have sex with her friend’s husband. After some time, Bose returned home to find her husband on top of her friend.

The friend escaped in a towel and blouse and left her underwear behind. The wife got so angry that she bit her husband’s penis amid his pleadings. She said if it was not for the two children she had for him, she would have chopped off his genitals and possibly chewed his testicles, having proven himself to be irresponsible. The wife also used a long stick to bring out the friend’s underwear that she left behind for residents to see in an attempt to embarrass her.

Bose packed some of her belongings and left their apartment while the husband went to the hospital to get treatment. It is unclear if she was arrested and charged for biting her husband’s penis.