The police chief of the Oakland Police Department, Chief Sean Whent, resigned Thursday after a sex scandal that began in his department spread to four other cities as well, as at least 24 officers have been revealed to have slept with the same underage prostitute. Some of them slept with her when she was just 16. – some of them when she was just 16.

The woman, “Celeste Guap,” now 18, says that she slept with three of the 24 officers when she was 17. Her 18th birthday was back in August.

If that weren’t bad enough, she says at least two officers gave her confidential police information, including anti-prostitution stings and arrest records.

As Whent announced his resignation on Friday, Mayor Libby Schaaf said, “I’m extremely angry about the alleged misconduct in this department.”

But both Mayor Schaaf and city administrator Sabrina Landreth say Whent’s resignation had nothing to do with the scandal.


His resignation comes after his superiors found that both he and his wife had known about the misconduct of multiple officers long before it became public, but refused to escalate the information.

Ms. Guap, whose mother is an Oakland police dispatcher, had been sexually involved with at least 14 of Whent’s officers.

She tells Mercury News that she slept with five Richmond police officers, four Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies, one Livermore officer, and a “law enforcement worker” in Stockton.

One of the sheriff’s deputies had sex with her in his personal car while his K-9 sat in the back, she says.

The investigation into the various officers’ relationship began back in September of last year, after a married officer, Officer Brendan O’Brien, who’d been having an affair with the teen since she was 17, killed himself and named Guap and several officers in his suicide note.

Since then, 24 officers have been said to have slept with her, with some of them providing her with the confidential info.

“I think cops are fine. They’re cute and all, but it’s like one less officer that’s gonna arrest me,” she told one newspaper.

Guap told the East Bay Express that and officer with the screen name of Superman once put her in a cab after she’d approached him lost and drunk. She started having sex with him a week later.

She also named Officer Terryl Smith as someone who gave her arrest records and other confidential information. He’s one of two officers who resigned from the Oakland Police Department earlier this year.


“I would hook up with [Smith] like every Saturday night for three months straight,” she said. “He had a mattress in his back seat and slept in his car in the OPD parking lot, so we would hook up after work.”

She also said a retired Oakland police captain in his 80s had contacted her via Facebook last year, when she was still 17, and paid $250 to have sex with her in a motel after she turned 18.

The captain admitted to sleeping with her and said he’d found her because she was friends with lots of other officers on Facebook.

The paper also obtained text messages that showed Ms. Guap having multiple late-night text conversations with Officer Luis Roman while he was on duty. He’d send her texts and she would send him nude photos.

Officer Roman told the paper that he knew of other officers’ relationships with her, but denied any wrongdoing himself.


Barry Donelan, president of Oakland’s police union, says he’s “mortified and deeply embarrassed” by the allegations. “If any of this is true, it is an absolute betrayal of what we stand for,” he said.

Guap, who began prostituting herself in Richmond at the age of 12, says many officers knew she was underage.

“They nicknamed me “juve,” which is short for juvenile,” she said.

She said Officer O’Brien had been the first officer she’d met. They began a sexual relationship after he defended her from a pimp. Others soon followed.

The investigation was started after Officer O’Brien committed suicide on September 25, 2015, leaving a note naming officers involved with the teen.

Guap, who’s now 18 and lives in Richmond, California, started giving the details on Facebook, saying she had illicit afairs with various officers, calling the relationships harmless, but said that she didn’t “snitch”.