A teacher’s aide in Youngstown, Ohio was arrested for having a sexual relationship with a high school student.

30-year-old Christina Resek has been charged with three felony counts of sexual battery and was indicted on May 26th.

Ms. Resek, a teacher’s aide at P.A.C.E., an alternative education program at Mahoning County High School, was reported by the school after she was accused of having a relationship with a student. That student is now 18.

Authorities say statements were taken from school staff and from Ms. Resek, who turned in a letter reportedly from a student who’d allegedly attempted to blackmail her. That letter, which has since been put into evidence, was an attempt to extort $500 from her in exchange for keeping the alleged relationship between her and another student a secret.

It read, “I know what’s going on between you and [the student], so my question to you is how important is your job to you? I’m not asking for a lot. All I want is $500 and your secret’s safe with me.”

Police haven’t said whether or not that student was charged for the extortion attempt.

A staff member had reported that a student had told her that Ms. Resek had been sexually involved with the purported victim since November. He turned 18 in February, but the law makes it illegal for teachers to have sex with any student, regardless of age.

She was suspended immediately after the school learned of the allegations. No potential issues had been discovered during her background check.

She’s now free on bond and has been ordered to have no contact with the student.