A Pennsylvania teen has been arrested and charged with criminal homicide in the brutal killing of Lorrie Ann Demko, his mother, at their home. He told cops that he watched television and took a shower before calling 911 to turn himself in.

17-year-old Jacob Taliaferro has been charged as an adult after he stabbed and strangled his mother to death on Sunday morning, June 6th.

He told investigator that he “took a knife from the kitchen of their residence,” and stabbed his mother, then “took a piece of rope and strangled her until she died.”

Jacob also told them that he “watched TV for some time, took a shower and eventually called 911 to turn himself in to police.”

Lebanon County Police Officer Mathews arrived on the scene and checked Ms. Demko for signs of a pulse, but was unable to find any. He also saw what he surmised was dried blood on the floor and on her torso, as well as a large laceration on her chest.

A close friend of Ms. Demko’s and Jacob’s best friend Bradley Hess’ mother said, “Bradley and Jacob have been friends since they were 5 years old, and I’ve been friends with Lorrie since the two of them became friends.”

Bradley said Jacob was often upset with his mother for “no good reason.”

“He was saying that he didn’t like her anymore. He said he wished he didn’t have her as a mom, stupid things like that,” Bradley said.

Mother and son both said that cops have been called to the troubled household a few times over the years.

Ms. Hess said that Ms. Demko’s boyfriend was the “reason for many of those calls, but more recently the calls were because of Jacob,” although police wouldn’t confirm this.

Jacob has been charged as an adult with criminal homicide and is being held without bail.