47-year-old James Bushey was fatally shot on May 31st following an incident where he pulled a pellet gun, styled to look like a 9mm handgun, on an officer outside of an Applebee’s in Palestine, Texas.

The officers went to confront Bushey inside of the restroom to question him about his alleged theft of beer from the neighboring Walmart.

The officers that escorted him from the restroom were Sergeant Gabriel Green and Officer Kaylyn Griffin.

The video released on Tuesday, June 30th by the Palestine Police Department, was taken from the body cam of one of the officers on the scene showing the moments that led to the shooting.

After he was taken from the restroom and outside, Bushey drew what appeared to be a handgun and pointed it toward Officer Griffin. When Sergeant Green saw the gun, he immediately opened fire on the suspect.

Officer Griffin and Sergeant Green were placed on paid administrative leave following the shooting. They have since returned to duty.