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45-year-old Manish Patel was sentenced Tuesday for spiking his pregnant girlfriend’s drink with an abortion-inducing drug. The woman never drank the spiked beverage but miscarried weeks later. Patel was sentenced in Outagamie County to 22 years behind bars and four-years extended supervision. Patel had been on the run since he was charged in 2007. He was finally arrested in New York nine years later and brought back to Outagamie County to face the charges against him.


On October 10, 2018, two Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Deputies were assigned to provide court security in room 305 of the Lincoln County Courthouse. At approximately 1010, an altercation took place when the defendant, an inmate, in custody of the Lincoln County Jail, made an attempt for a Newport Police Officer’s service weapon. The police officer, who was present at the counsel table to testify in the trial, was able to create separation from the attack, while jail deputies quickly intervened and took the defendant to the ground, he was secured and returned to the jail. Due to the swift actions from the officer and deputies involved, none of the parties sustained any serious injuries, jail medical staff treated one of the deputies for minor scrapes and abrasions. The defendant was un-restrained during this court appearance.

The defendant, Scott Patrick Lemmon, 27 of Newport, who was on trial for charges of Robbery II, Burglary I, Theft II, two counts of Menacing and four counts of Coercion, was later convicted on all charges and sentenced to the custody of the Oregon Department of Corrections. The actions taken by this defendant will be reviewed for possible new criminal charges.


Fairbanks, AK – Fairbanks Police Wednesday released video and audio of an officer-involved shooting that killed a 20-year-old Fairbanks man whose mother had asked officers to check on her suicidal son.

Last week state prosecutors determined that Fairbanks Police officers and Alaska State Troopers were justified when they shot and killed Cody Eyre on Christmas Eve in Fairbanks.

Fairbanks Police edited together audio from Alaska State Troopers audio recordings, and videos from Fairbanks Police officers’ body cameras and dashboard cameras. They showed the media that compilation Wednesday afternoon. Only media were allowed in the room, but Eyre’s family was at the police station in silent protest because they believe the video they had seen had been edited.


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Baltimore, MD – A Baltimore police officer has been arrested and charged with assault and misconduct in office.

Officer Kevin Battipaglia, a five-year veteran with the northeast district, is accused “in an incident that occurred on December 24…during an arrest,” according to a police statement Friday.

The arrest happened in northeast Baltimore’s Belair-Edison neighborhood, on Brendan Avenue near Route 1, according to the indictment.

Battipaglia is accused of assaulting Darrian Carr in the incident, according to the document. Carr was also charged with having a stolen firearm, said Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

Battipaglia is charged with first-degree assault and misconduct in office, and he has been placed on suspension without pay, said BPD.

The trial begins Friday.

Apple introduced iOS 12 following its historic iPhone event last month, adding the Shortcut app to let users allow Siri to do more tasks, such as take a photo, put your phone in ‘Do not disturb’ mode or making your commute more enjoyable. But one creative user has developed a way to turn iPhones into the civilian version of a bodycam, letting users record their interactions with police in a sly manner. Reddit user Robert Petersen has created the shortcut called Police, which triggers a series of actions. First, it lets users send a text message to a predetermined friend to let them know they are being pulled over. Then it pauses the music that might be playing in their phone and gets access to the camera to start recording the interaction. It also sets the phone in ‘Do not disturb’ mode. Users need to say “Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over” and the shortcut triggers automatically.


The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released dashcam of a trooper-involved shooting that happened in Woodward in August. According to reports, Trooper Austin Ellis attempted to initiate a traffic stop for a seat belt violation. That’s when the driver, Arturo Ramirez, failed to yield. And instead of pulling over, Ramirez pulled into the parking lot of a Days Inn Hotel on Highway 183, where he opened fire on the trooper. Trooper Ellis was hit in the chest, but his vest stopped the bullet. Ramirez was shot once in the hand. From there, he drove off with the trooper in pursuit. In an effort to get away, Ramirez later reportedly crawled through the open garage door of a residence along Western Avenue, before allegedly breaking into an outbuilding. “A perimeter was established with cooperation from local law enforcement. And a suspect was apprehended by the Oklahoma Highway patrol,” Colonel Mike Harrell, with OHP, said.


The DeSoto Police Department is now facing a complaint of police brutality that was filed by a who believes she and her family are the victims of excessive force.

Two of Sammie Anderson’s adult sons were arguing in her front yard in early August. She said she was worried it might escalate into a physical altercation, so she asked one of their girlfriends to call 911.

By the time police arrived, the boys had stopped arguing and were separated. They had calmed down, but within seconds, dashcam released by DeSoto police shows the situation heated back up.


At around 11 p.m. on March 8, 2017, a Hamilton County sheriff’s deputy patrolling the Standifer Gap Road area tried to stop a white Camaro for a traffic violation — a headlight was out and the license plate was not displayed properly. But the driver didn’t stop and a pursuit ensued.

The man later told investigators he had just bought the car earlier that day for his girlfriend, and he ran because he had methamphetamine, money, weapons and ammunition in the car.

A federal complaint has been filed against a number of area law enforcement officers and government agencies after a March 2017 vehicle pursuit took a violent turn, leading to a beating so severe one of the suspect’s testicles was ruptured.


Bodycam footage shows the moment a Fruitland, Idaho, police officer shot David Grant.

Grant was driving south into the Treasure Valley from his home near Coeur d’Alene. His destination was a friend’s house in Nampa. But Grant had been awake too long, and though he was on medication for bipolar disorder, his exhaustion had turned into mania.

He says he was manic. Police shot him. Now he’s paralyzed, and taking them to court.


The officers had gone to the house after a worried member of the public spotted a man in his back garden.

Lee Carl Wright, 34, attacked PC Anne Bloomfield at a house in Eastwood, Notts, as he was being led out of the front door to a police car in July.

PC Anne Bloomfield suffered a fractured skull and eye socket, as well as cuts and bruises when Lee Wright hit her in the face with a champagne bottle.


An El Paso man was arrested after being accused of using superglue to shut his 14-month-old child’s eyes and mouth, according to the U.S. Marshals Service.

Johnnie Lee Carter, 29, was arrested on Sept. 24 in the 11000 block of Gateway Boulevard West by the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force on a warrant out of Odessa.

The warrant was for injury to a child causing serious bodily injury, a first-degree felony.

According to a Marshals news release, Carter superglued the child mouth and eyes during a domestic incident on Sept. 14 in Odessa.

He left the scene before the Odessa Police Department arrived.

The Lone Star Fugitive Task Force division out of El Paso and Odessa were able to track Carter to a motel where he was arrested without incident, the release said.

Carter was taken to the El Paso County Detention Facility under a no bond warrant. He will face extradition to Odessa to face this charge.


U.S. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Brad Fitzpatrick, a rescue swimmer at U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City, works to rescue two people and six dogs from a flooded home in North Carolina after Hurricane Florence swept through the area.

Fitzpatrick worked with other aircrews throughout the day in extreme conditions, encountering submerged barbed wire fences, floating fire-ant beds, and chest-deep water to save lives.


Troy, OH – A trooper was caught on camera making a heroic rescue when he pulled an unconscious driver from a van that caught fire on I-75 Monday.

Trooper Jeremy Wheelan can be seen trying to wake the driver up, before pulling the man out of the driver’s side window. The driver was treated and has been released from the hospital.

So far, details about the crash have not been made available.


Los Angeles, CA – Authorities identified a murder suspect who was killed in an officer-involved shooting in South Los Angeles that left an FBI agent wounded.

Daniel Valdez, 70, of the Riverside County community of Perris, died at the scene of the shooting, which occurred about 11 a.m. Tuesday Aug 7th in the parking lot of a motel near 41st Street and Central Avenue. Valdez had been sought for shooting two family members.


Colorado Springs Police released body camera used in an investigation into a fatal officer-involved shooting last April.

The shows Officer Troy Kananen chasing 41-year-old burglary suspect Jesse Schlegel around 6 a.m. on April 25.

Kananen told investigators that he believed Schlegel was about to shoot at the person who reported the burglary. Police said Schlegel had a loaded Glock handgun that he dropped when he was shot.

Schlegel later died at the hospital.


On September 6, Renee Armenta, 38, was stopped for driving without a license in the town of Goodyear – a suburb of Phoenix. Video of her arrest was filmed by bodycamand a passerby. In the bodycam footage, the officer, who is identified as ‘M. Ross,’ approaches the car and tries to detain the driver, Armenta. When Ross tells Armenta she’s under arrest, she responds: ‘For what?’ The officer than yells for her to put her hands up. She responds again by asking what she did. The officer punched Armenta, who was unarmed, in the face to stop her hanging onto the car door. He then yanked the 38-year-old across the tarmac.

A suspect in Florida who was accused of kidnapping an infant was heroically taken down by a K9 cop that was expertly guided by his handler. The harrowing collar was captured on police body camera. Pasco County deputies hunted for the suspect, 24-year-old Kevin Wilson after they responded to a call from a home in New Port Richey on Monday about the attempted kidnapping of a six-month-old baby. Wilson had given up on taking the baby after the woman’s uncle threatened him at gun point, but fled the scene and eventually ditched his vehicle to hide in a wooded area where Sgt. Ferguson and K9 Titan tracked him down. In the incredible footage, Ferguson is dragged by Titan who has picked up on Wilson’s scent as the helicopter unit over head locks their eyes on Wilson.


A 61-year-old Colorado Springs man Paul Askins was killed after he pointed a gun at deputies during a traffic stop in August.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office released body cam of the incident, where a man in the right rear passenger side of a truck is seen getting out of the vehicle and pointing a gun at deputies. In the deputies, exchange fire and the man is then seen hitting the ground.