A pregnant Michigan woman has been sentenced to 60 days in jail for lying about an officer sexually assaulting her during a traffic stop.

23-year-old Felisha Whitcomb made up a tale about an officer slamming her head against the car, then fondling her last August.

The woman, who’s seven months pregnant, will be allowed to leave the jail to deliver her baby.

She pleaded guilty in January to attempted false report of a felony.

While a nurse did find bruises on the back of her head and her thigh, investigators determined they were too old to be from the officer.

Police interviewed Ms. Whitcomb’s passenger that same day, and that person denied the story as well.

The accused officer told detectives he patted down the 23-year-old with the back of his hand and didn’t fondle her, even offering up his dashcam video as evidence.

She finally admitted to lying after investigators confronted her with the footage.