A mother-of-three died in a car crash after a repo man wouldn’t accept defeat in taking the vehicle back.

49-year-old Kenneth Drew was trying to repossess a Lincoln Navigator from the parent’s home of 35-year-old Ashleigh Best, where Ashleigh and her husband, Brennen, were staying with their children while they tried to get their finances in order. They were behind in the payments and Mr. Drew was there on behalf of the bank.



As he got his to truck into position, a man came out of the house and told Drew that he wouldn’t let him take the vehicle and that he’d immediately call the bank to make payments.

An argument then purportedly broke out, and Ashleigh jumped into the SUV and started driving off.

“Once she left the residence, the tow truck gave chase,” Pleasant Grove Police Lieutenant Britt Smith said.

“There was a pursuit that lasted between 10 to 12 blocks. And eventually the victim’s vehicle left the roadway and struck a tree at a high rate of speed, which caused her fatal injuries.”

Ashleigh was pronounced dead at the scene.


She’s estimated to have slammed into the tree at a speed of at least 70 mph. It was just after Midnight, Tuesday.

Authorities believe Drew was chasing her when the incident occurred. His driving was deemed reckless in an arrest affidavit. He denies he ever even “chased” her.

Drew, who works for On Demand Repos, claims he tried to stop her from fleeing by blocking her in with his truck, but that she’d managed to get past him.

He told officers that he “accelerated quickly as he followed her, and that she drove into the passenger side of his truck during the incident.


Police, on the other hand, believe he was driving at least as fast as Ashleigh was – 70 mph in a 35 mph zone – and that he tried to overtake her seconds before the crash.

“The tow truck was applying brakes, or had a tire locked up from turning, possibly when the tow truck made contact with the Navigator,” the affidavit says.

“The vehicle then went over the curb and onto the sidewalk before hitting the tree.”

Drew’s girlfriend was in the truck with him and told cops she was scared during the incident and that she didn’t know if Kenneth had purposely run Ashleigh off the roadway or not.

She’s even purported to have said that she wondered why they were even chasing her.


“I’ve never, in my 15 years of law enforcement, I’ve never seen a repo agent be this aggressive. I’ve never seen anything like it. It doesn’t justify chasing her down through the roads, city streets, at high rates of speeds, causing fatal traffic accidents. The end doesn’t justify the means,” Lieutenant Smith said.

Drew was arrested and charged with manslaughter. He’s now being held in the Utah County Jail.