A mother who was accused of sexually abusing her 11-month old daughter online in return for almost £10,000/$14,000 has been arrested in Romania.

The mother of two was arrested last week by Romanian authorities after receiving a tip from the FBI.

U.S. authorities had discovered the pictures of the mother abusing her baby while investigating Brandon Gressette. He was arrested last year on sexual exploitation and child pornography charges.


According to her, “I agreed to do these things with my daughter because I thought that she [w]ouldn’t have suffered any trauma. I thought that it was all just a game.”

She also said that she’d been video-chatting before she was pregnant, but after her baby was born, she decided to involve her in the chats as well.

“Some of my clients knew that I had given birth. They asked me to undress her and to touch her,” she continued.

She faces up to 15 years in prison.