A Russian punk rock musician known as Pussy cut off his girlfriend’s head and had sex with it while wearing one of her dresses. He’s been declared insane.

23-year-old Aleksandr U. murdered his girlfriend, 22-year-old Viktoria V., in the city of Voronezh, in Russia’s south-western Voronezh Oblast, in July of last year.

Police first found her headless body, then discovered the head, which Aleksandr had used as a sex toy.


He apparently liked dressing up in women’s clothes and masturbating. His friends in the punk band discovered his fetish and quickly threw him out.

It’s believed that when his girlfriend discovered he was wearing her clothes and makeup, she’d tried to break up with him. He murdered her before she could.


His ex band members say they’d tried to talk to him about it, but he’d always managed to avoid the subject.

After an investigation, instead of being prosecuted and jailed, Aleksandr was declared mentally ill and has been sent to a psychiatric institute for an indefinite period of time.