A pair of South Carolina parents left their 5-year-old child in a just-above-freezing car while they stole sex toys for Valentine’s Day.

24-year-old Amanda Nicole Savage and 26-year-old Gary Lee Savage got caught shoplifting the toys, as well as lube, from Priscilla’s Lingerie Store in Myrtle Beach, S.C. on Sunday.

The couple from Elberton, Georgia were cuffed by Myrtle Beach police and the officers found the child locked in their car. As a result, they now face shoplifting and child cruelty charges.

Officials say that staff told them the child was in the car “for a while” as the couple browsed around the shop. A security sensor set off an alarm when they tried to exit the store, catching them red-handed.

Police say their car looked like the family was living in it.