Jamal Alexander is no stranger to arrests. Perhaps, even subconsciously, it led to him wearing a jailbird uniform on Halloween. The problem? He decided to get into trouble while wearing it.

The South Carolina man who has been arrested at least a dozen times in the last 20 years led police on a short and wild chase when they attempted to pull him over for a suspected DUI.

Springdale police tried to initiate the stop when Jamal took off.

He eventually decided that physically running would be a better idea, and leapt from the moving car and hightailed it.

He didn’t get far, though, and his rolling vehicle hit a squad car and the porch of a nearby house.

He threw a loaded gun up under the officer’s car as he was being apprehended.

He’s been charged with driving under the influence, driving under suspension, failure to stop for blue lights, an open container in a vehicle, and unlawful carrying of a firearm.