19-year-old Liam Lyburd was arrested after police searched his home and found several weapons and explosive devices which he planned to use in carrying out a mass murder at Newcastle College, a college he formerly attended.

Lyburd wrote on his Facebook page that he planned to kill a bunch of people. After receiving a tip-off from one of his Facebook friends, the police went to the house where he lived with his mother and sister. His mother took police upstairs to his room where they found a black 9mm Glock handgun, 94 hollow-point expanding bullets, knives, canisters of CS gas, and a number of what appeared to be explosive devices.

The police also found a black “kill bag” in his bedroom which contained a balaclava, safety glasses, elbow and knee pads, and a number of pipe bombs with nails taped around them. He had purchased the weapons and explosives online using Bitcoin.

When the officers arrested him, he told them that he would have carried out the mass murder that day if they had not stopped him.

During his trial, he pleaded guilty to nine charges relating to the arms collection but denies eight counts of possessing the weapons with an intent to endanger life.