17-year-old Brittany Monk and her 21-year-old boyfriend Jace Crehan, in Louisiana, have been arrested for the murder of 47-year-old convicted pedophile Robert Noce. The teen and her boyfriend conspired to kill Noce because he had raped her starting when she was just a 4-year-old, and did so for many years on a daily basis.

This occurred while Noce was dating her mother who had become too unstable at the time to take care of her children. The pedophile was left to care for the young girls who lived with him until 2012.

He was charged with aggravated rape of a child in 2013. Despite the heinous nature of the crime, Noce accepted a plea agreement that resulted in only five years of probation and no jail time.

Brittany Monk was arrested and charged with second-degree murder for stabbing and strangling Robert Noce. Police found his body last weekend and made the arrest.

Both Monk and her boyfriend are being held on bail set at $400,000.