19-year-old Jordan Hall was arrested after he inflicted gross and horrific injuries on the penis of a baby he was looking after, all because he urinated on him. The nursing staff at the Medway Hospital in Kent became suspicious when the infant was brought in with cuts and bruising. So they reported the matter to the police. Hall denied knowing how they were caused.

Eventually, he admitted that he was responsible. He claimed that he was bending down and the baby started to urinate on him, so he grabbed his penis and inflicted the injuries. As soon as he saw the blood, he realized he had used too much force.

He claimed the injury was an accident, but then admitted that it caused actual bodily harm on the basis that he was reckless.

Hall has a previous conviction for actual bodily harm, two for battery, and two for common assault.

Judge Michael Carroll sentenced him to 14 months in youth custody.