Surveillance footage was captured at the Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orange County over the Fourth of July weekend from a gun show.

The video reveals about 12 young men, most wearing their shirts on their heads, forcibly making entry into the building and removing several firearms. Approximately 24 firearms, which include handguns and rifles, were stolen.

The group of burglars got into the building through a door on the east end of the main building by smashing the glass after cutting through the chains locking the gate.

The Florida Highway Patrol trooper who was hired in an extra duty status to work at this location during the gun show, heard glass shattering on the property. When he arrived at the targeted booth a few minutes after, the burglars were gone.

The trooper reported the theft and Orlando Police Department officers responded to the crime on 4603 West Colonial Drive.

They were not able to apprehend the suspects, but the authorities are continuing their investigations.