rough sex

Whiskey, drugs and purported rough sex left a high school girl dead and her boyfriend imprisoned for 25 years after a prom night gone tragically wrong.

20-year-old Eddie Herrera was convicted of aggravated assault in the death of his then-girlfriend, Jacqueline Gomez, in May of 2014 inside a Houston, Texas hotel room.

Eddie (above, left), with the help of his mother, Melissa Martinez (above, right), rented a hotel room, bought two bottles of whiskey and 10 hydrocodone pills.

Prosecutor prosecutor Justin Wood told the jury of how Eddie and his mother arranged it to where he and Jacqueline could spend the night together.

All was going according to plan until Eddie woke up the next morning and found Jacqueline dead next to him. He called his mother, and with her help, got her lifeless body dressed before calling 911.

The paramedic responding to the call said in court that he “was not able to make a decision at this time whether this was a natural death”.

An autopsy revealed she had hydrocodone in her system and her blood alcohol level was .26, over three times the legal limit to drive.

It also found to bruising on her neck, which Eddie claims was from the rough, but consensual, sex the two had had that night. Medical examiners couldn’t determine whether her death was caused by an overdose or the choking.

Initially, no charges were filed against Mr. Herrera, but he was questioned again by detectives six months later, and his statements were reportedly inconsistent.

“Ultimately we hope to prove that Herrera was responsible for the choking that contributed to her death and to get justice for Jackie,” Wood said.

Melissa Martinez was arrested for supplying the booze and drugs, as well as for tampering with evidence by helping dress Ms. Gomez after she’d died.