A Texas mother has been hit with 27 counts of injuring a child after she allegedly punished her two young stepsons, ages 7 and 12, by burning their tongues with a BBQ grill lighter, before then forcing them to lick a dirty toilet seat.

24-year-old Sara Anne Woody had three more charges added on, for a total of 30, when it surfaced that she’d made them drink a mixture of substances that made them vomit, and had beaten them on the genitals with a belt.

Ms. Woody’s bail was set at over $3 million.

Police in Burkburnett, Texas had been working on the case since back in March after one of the two kids was taken to a hospital with a lip injury.

Both boys were then interviewed by a children’s advocacy center where the details of the abuse were revealed.

Her husband, Jonathan Darrell Woody, was also charged with three counts of child endangerment and an additional charge of tampering with a witness. He’d allegedly told the boy with the lip injury to lie about how it happened.

Both boys, along with three other children in the home, have since been placed in the care of relatives as the case continues.