A substitute teacher in Texas has been accused of and investigated for an improper relationship with a student.

30-year-old Bobbie Shea Streit is facing three counts of an improper relationship between an educator and a student. Her bail was set at $30,000 and she’s residing in the Wichita County Jail.

On April 12th, according to arrest affidavits, police responded to Electra High School concerning a possible improper relationship. Information had been shared to an EISD school board member about a substitute teacher, since identified as Streit, possibly having sex with a student.

During their investigation, cops spoke to the 19-year-old student, and he admitted to meeting her when she’d substituted in his agricultural science class sometime back in February.

He told investigators that he’d contacted her on Facebook about working for her and her husband on their farm for the summer. They then began sending text messages back and forth, which, over time, became intimate and included pictures.

The unnamed student said that sometime after spring break, he went into the agriculture building where she was teaching that day, then began kissing her when she came out of a restroom. He says “one thing led to another” and they had sex.

When officers spoke to the sub, she stated that things had started out “platonic,” but went deeper from there.

She told investigators that the student had begun kissing her and “feeling her out” when she came out of the restroom that day, and that she hadn’t resisted him.

It turns out that they ended up having sex on at least three occasions in a two-week period, all at Electra High School.

Electra Police Chief Michael Dozier says he expects to make another arrest in a separate case of yet another female teacher soon.