Rewind to 2002, and Matthew Joseph Medlin was an 18-year-old who may have had a shot at a small modelling gig, a small role in a TV show, video or movie. But fast forward to 2016, not to mention the years between then and now, and those days are long gone.

The repeat offender, to put it lightly, recently had a four-hour standoff that saw the police wait him out through a thunder and hailstorm, and Mr. Medlin, already high on meth, injecting himself again with the illicit drug while talking to officers.

Police had been called to a Portland, Oregon rail yard with reports of someone climbing on trains. There,  they confronted 32-year-old Medlin. He shimmied into an open-top, dumpster-style boxcar and flat refused to budge.

His face now marked with jagged and sharp poorly-administered tattoos of eyebrows and tears, he was already wanted for a parole violation.

Officers surrounded the boxcar, but Medlin, who’d been up for 26 hours straight as an effect of the drugs, took hold of rocks and random pieces of metal for weapons, beginning the standoff.

Police say that once he injected himself with more meth, his behavior became even more erratic.

Through thunder, rain and hail, the standoff ended when officers stormed him with a taser and non-lethal rounds.

He was booked on multiple charges, including criminal mischief and criminal trespass, and held on a $7,500 bail.

In 2013, he was jailed for sex abuse, burglary, and assault charges. But in May of 2014, just six days away from release, he decided to escape.

He’d climbed the razor wire-laden fence of the Columbia River Correctional Facility and fled. His unique appearance meant he wouldn’t stay on the lam for long. He was spotted a correctional officer just two miles away from the prison less than 10 hours later.

After police arrived, he was cornered inside of a Jack in the Box. He was then charged with second-degree escape and returned right back to prison.