The “French Kim Kardashian” Nabilla Benattia, has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for the stabbing of her fiancée, Thomas Vergara, during a fight in a hotel room in Boulogne-Billancourt, a suburb of Paris. Vergara was not killed but sustained a serious wound in his chest. Medics were able to save his life after he was rushed to the Georges-Pompidou Hospital in central Paris at 2:30 AM on Nov. 7th.Benattia insists she is innocent in the affair: a legal source said, “Her only ambition is to get back to work. She is becoming as famous as Kim Kardashian, but she wants to be known for good things, not for trying to stab her fiancée to death.”Benattia was known to idolize Kardashian, bursting out crying the first time they met in person.

The 22 year old Benattia’s stabbing was not completely out of the blue: she once famously warned, “If I caught my guy cheating on me, I would stab him.” This was one of a long series of reports of violent in the couple’s relationship: she often spoke of fights, “vases being thrown,” and other “hotel room breakages,” and described their relationship as “explosive.” The entire romance had been played out on reality TV, allowing viewers to become intimately close to these fights.

On the eve of the incident, Nabilla called police, claiming three strangers had attacked Thomas, but camera footage showed no sign of attackers. Nabilla then changed her story to claim that Thomas had accidentally stabbed himself during a violent quarrel between the two lovers.Benattia is currently being held in a women’s prison in Versailles, having been refused bail.