Three Ohio Women Arrested for Attacking a McDonald’s Worker Because “Service Was Too Slow”


Three Ohio women were arrested for assaulting a female McDonald’s employee because she was apparently too slow with their order.

The three women, named as Ashley England, Mary Jordan, and Sammie Whaley, were identified via surveillance video after they fled the scene with their kids, who are also said to have participated in the melee.

Mary Jordan

They were arrested on Wednesday.

Ashley England
Ashley England

Police said they attacked the employee because “she was working too slowly when dealing with three woman and their family and friends”.

Sammie Whaley
Sammie Whaley

Ms. England and Ms. Jordan, the latter already on probation, were both charged with assault and child endangerment. The child endangerment charge arose from their having their children with them during the assault, and for having them join in on the incident. Ms. Whaley was charged with assault.