Two 19-year-old Dallas men forced a 15-year-old girl and another person to have sex with at least six men a day for money.

Rafael Rodas (above, left) and Mike Osorio (above, right) had contacted the victim and a witness via Facebook and lured them into meeting up.

The two males then convinced the girl and the other person into prostitution for two weeks back in December. They eventually escaped.

The teen victim was being held as a runaway when she told them what had happened.

Officers say they found evidence that supported her story.

Police, with the help of the U.S. Marshals Service, caught Rodas Thursday and Osorio Friday and booked them into jail.

Rodas is charged with child trafficking, child prostitution, and engaging in organized criminal activity. His bond has been set at $35,000 bond on each charge.

Osorio is charged with child sexual assault, child trafficking, child prostitution, and engaging in organized criminal activity, and sits with a $150,000 bond on each charge.

Authorities ask that anyone who knows the two men or who’ve had run-ins with them, especially young girls, to contact their high-risk victims and trafficking squad immediately.

“We believe that a lot of people see social media and they trust what people put in social media is who they really are, and that’s not necessarily true,” Sherwin said. “Predators obviously use that to lure people into them. And in this case it was a child.”

Rodas’ mother, unsurprisingly, insists her son is innocent and blames it all on Osorio.