Two California men were charged with hate crimes Friday for the brutal beating of a Sikh man.

31-year-old Chase Little (above), as well as 24-year-old Colton Leblanc (not pictured) were both charged for the terrorizing September 25th incident, which also saw the victim’s hair forcibly cut.

41-year-old Maan Singh Khalsa (below) was punched by the two men multiple times and his turban was knocked off of his head through the open driver side window of his car as he was driving home


A group of five men in a truck, which included Little and Leblanc, had thrown beer cans at his car before the two men jumped out and attacked him at the next red light.

“Cut off his fucking hair!” the men yelled at the two attackers as they forced his head down and used a knife to cut off a large amount of his hair, which is religiously mandated.

Mr. Khalsa, who works as an IT specialist with the Social Security Administration, escaped the onslaught by speeding away from the scene. He and another motorist had called 911 and a California Highway Patrol police dispatcher recorded parts of the attack.


Khalsa had nerve damage and needed stitches for a knife wound. That knife wound caused an infection requiring part of his pinky finger to be amputated. He suffered a lack eye, seriously damaged teeth and several cuts to his left hand as well.

Little and Leblanc have been charged with assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury, and assault with a deadly weapon.


Each of those charges carries enhancements for hate crimes and great bodily injuries.The bodily injury enhancements can add an additional six years in prison each for the two men if they’re convicted.

The hate crime enhancements carry up to eight additional years each.