Kadie Naumann and Kyla Cole.

Two South Carolina women forgot to bring their swimsuits when they decided to go swimming and make noise with friends and a resident in an apartment complex.

Cops were called on a noise complaint. When they arrived, they found 23-year-old Kadie Naumann and 32-year-old Kyla Cole “completely nude” at the swimming pool of the complex.

According to the report, the female guests of a resident “did not have bathing suits with them, so they decided to swim in the nude.” The two of them, as well as two friends, appeared “highly intoxicated.”

While cops ran names and licenses for warrants, the two nude numbskulls started walking away, ignoring officers’ demands to stay put.

At that time, Ms. Naumann decided that kicking a male cop in the baby tackle was a good idea; it wasn’t.

Both of them were arrested for indecent exposure, while Naumann was given an additional charge of assaulting a police officer.

Their bonds were set at $5000 for Naumann and $2500 for Cole. Both of them posted bond and were released.