29-year-old Curtis Fairchild Jones will be released from prison in less than two weeks. Curtis and his sister Catherine Jones, who is now 30 years old, were arrested in 1999 for the murder of their father’s girlfriend, Sonya Nicole Speights. At the time of the murder, Curtis was 12 and Catherine was 13.

Reports from child welfare reveal that Speights, along with their father and a male relative who lived with them in their Port St. John, Florida home, were accused of sexually abusing the children. The Department of Children and Families had acknowledged signs of sexual abuse in the home, but just days before the incident occurred, they closed the investigation.

The siblings had organized a plan to kill all three of them, but they only got to kill the girlfriend and did so using their father’s 9mm semi-automatic that was kept in his bedroom. Then they ran into woods and hid until police found them the next morning.

They were the youngest children in U.S. history to be tried as adults for first-degree murder. Facing the possibility of life in prison, they pleaded to second-degree murder and were sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Curtis and Catherine will be on probation for life and any violation of their conditions could have them sent back to prison. The conditions include paying $50 per month toward supervision costs after the first 18 months of release, consulting probation officers before moving, and not using intoxicants in excess. Curtis is now an ordained minister and Catherine is now married to her pen pal and is due to be released sometime next month.