A Subway employee in Utah is in hot water after he allegedly slipped meth and THC into a cop’s lemonade.

Tanis Ukena was purported to have been seen on video spending an unusual amount of time with the officer’s drink, having spent part of the time off-screen with drink in hand.

who works at a Layton, Utah branch of the sandwich shop, was arrested on charges of giving a poisonous substance to a uniformed officer.

Suspicions arose after the Layton police sergeant reported that he didn’t feel well immediately after partaking of the drink on Monday.

He said he “felt impaired” while driving his squad car; even struggling to find the brake pedal when he came to a red light.

When he finally arrived at the station, he wasn’t even able to answer his superiors’ questions and “drifted off”.

The sergeant, who was hospitalized and later released, noted that the lemonade had “tasted funny,” according to records.

A test was conducted on the remaining liquid in the officer’s cup, and it tested positive for traces of meth and THC; the latter being the active ingredient in marijuana.

Mr. Ukena denies doing anything to the officer’s drink.slipping methamphetamine and THC – the active ingredient of marijuana – into the drink.

While authorities believe the sergeant was targeted because he was a cop, it’s unknown if this is the case.

The suspect is now being held on $10,000 bail.