A West Virginia couple have been arrested for attempting to sell their three-month-old baby to a neighbor, Carolyn Redden, for $500. After that neighbor refused to buy the infant, they just gave the baby to her and claimed they’d come back and get her.

20-year-old Jonathan Flint and his fiancée, 25-year-old Ashley Harmon, had initially offered up their baby to her for $1,000 near the end of May, but dropped it to $500 when she refused.

Since the couple couldn’t reach a deal with her, they just asked her watch the child while they went to the store. They didn’t return.

The abandoned child had severe diaper rash and its bottle held spoiled milk. Ms. Redden then called for help.

“She was shaking, clenching her fists, crying and screaming,” she told a news station. “Why have a child if you’re not going to care for it? Just because it is hard doesn’t mean you give up on a child.”

The couple were arrested and charged with selling or attempting to sell a child and gross child neglect creating a risk of bodily injury or death to a child, both felonies.

Authorities say that the couple were suffering from substance withdrawal and were planning to use the money for drugs.

Ms. Harmon has two other kids under the age of three as well…and she also left those behind, even further away in the state.

The biological father of the three-month-old girl wasn’t aware that his daughter was being put up for sale.