A Milwaukee, Wisconsin man was given two and a half years in prison for repeatedly stabbing his cocker spaniel to death because it kept finding its way home after he released it.

38-year-old Zachary Senner apologized to the judge and said that he takes full responsibility.

He claimed he was high on cocaine and drunk at the time of the incident.

“I’m not that person from that horrible night,” he said.

He was charged back in January with felony mistreatment of an animal with a dangerous weapon after, in late December, police found the dog dead in some woods along an alley. He pleaded guilty in April.

He said to cops that his brother and sister-in-law had asked him to get rid of their dog, Brandy. At first, he just abandoned the dog quite a ways away from the home, but she found her way back.

He then decided to kill it. He slit its throat, crushed its windpipe, and left it in some woods down an alley.

Shockingly, she still reappeared at the home, albeit bleeding badly. The three of them (Senner, his brother and sister-in-law) decided to just wait for the dog to bleed to death. When that took too long, Senner stabbed it multiple times in the chest, legs and neck until he was sure the poor dog was dead. He then put it in a bag and left it in those woods.

“There’s been a significant amount of community outrage,” Assistant District Attorney Kristin Schrank told the court, saying she’d been swamped with letters, calls, and a petition signed by dozens of people, suggesting she seek higher bail and the maximum sentence in the case.

She, in turn, only recommended the two and a half years, the max being five and a half. She did, however, ask for the max of two years extended supervision after his release.