31-year-old Anamirna Cabello-Loeza of Brookhaven, Georgia was arrested and charged after making false accusations that she was raped on April 24th in the woods near a bus stop.

After her complaint, the police arrested 39-year-old Roberto Goana-Pina on May 21st in Alabama as a suspect. He was a person of interest in two more rapes – one in Norcross and another in Rosewell.

The detectives investigated the case and determined the statements that Ms. Cabello-Loeza provided were false and misleading. The charges against Mr. Pina were dropped and DNA evidence later cleared him of the other two assaults.

She later turned herself in at the Brookhaven Police Department. She was charged with making false statements and was taken to the DeKalb County Jail to face felony charges.