54-year-old Leona Donna Mathtushquan from Glendale, Arizona is facing charges of child abuse for allegedly trying to drown her grandson on more than one occasion. When the officers arrived at her apartment to arrest her, they found her 7-year-old grandson completely naked.

The child told the officers that his grandmother had tried to drown him in the bathtub. He also told them that she tied him by his ankles and wrists behind his back and then held his face under water until he could barely hold his breath any longer.

Based on police reports, the boy also had eye injuries from multiple hits to his face.

Mathtushquan faces three felony counts of child abuse for the two alleged attempted drowning incidents.

She has been released on bail but is not allowed to have contact with the child.

The grandson is currently being cared for by the Department of Child Safety.