A lover who received a cold shoulder at a nightclub cried rape against an innocent man. It cost cops boatloads and her her freedom.

Belfast cops spent £10,000 ($13,000) on the investigation which turned out to be completely false.

22-year-old Lisha Tait claimed she’d been sexually assaulted after essentially only being ignored in a Belfast nightclub by the man she’d had at least one previous liaison with.

She pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice in Belfast Crown Court.

She was charged for making a false report and two false written statements to authorities on dates between July 6th and August 15th back in 2013.

The series of events in question started in the early hours of July 7th when cops received a call from the an ambulance service for a “distressed woman”.

She was taken to a Sexual Assault Referral Center in Antrim where she’d been examined. She made a formal complaint claiming a man she knew had raped her at the Odyssey nightclub.

On August 13th, Ms. Tait made a written statement claiming this man had spoken to her in the club before he grabbed her and sexually assaulted her outside.

On September 4th, the accused man went to a police station voluntarily, and was questioned for roughly two hours.

He admitted he’d spoken to her in the club, but said he never left the club and vehemently denied her allegations.

He went on to tell police that the two of them had “been together consensually that week”.

He then gave a DNA sample.

During the investigation, cops watched surveillance video which showed a visibly intoxicated Tait leaving the club alone and getting into a taxi.

She was interview again by investigators on September 16th and told them that she then wanted to tell the truth.

That’s when she admitted that she’d made the story up on the basis that the man had given her the cold shoulder in the club.

She showed remorse and apologized for wasting their time, according to Crown prosecutor Simon Jenkins.

Her attorney said she had issues with alcohol and mephodrone misuse.

She was given nine years.