A 22-year-old unmarried Indian woman who was raped in 2008 at the age of 15 in Tamil Nudu village is left disappointed. Judge D. Devadass of Madras High Court ordered on June 23, 2015 that she reconcile with her rapist by attending a mediation that will eventually lead to marriage without her consent.

Before the rape, she was given a soft drink laced with drugs by Mohan, and when she became unconscious, he raped her. The victim became pregnant from the assault.

Judge Devadass views it as a better situation for the victim because the mother and her child are lepers and says that marriage will give her a respectable life, even if it’s with her rapist.

The victim, however, doesn’t agree with the judge. During a video interview, she told the Indian Express, “It is unfair of the judge to do this to me. The rapist only wants to get out of jail, which is why he agreed to mediation. Can the judge guarantee my safety if he is in this area? Or my daughter’s safety? I am being forced to suffer again. Only those who live around me know what I have been through.”

A group of senior lawyers in Madras have written to Judge Devadass to protest against the mediation proposal.